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5 Tips to Promote Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Workplaces that support a healthy work-life balance schedule, are usually profitable companies. Working in such an environment makes employees appreciate their place of work and therefore more motivated to bring up new ideas and take up tasks at the office.
That separation time from the office and daily tasks supports the wellbeing of the employees and allows for them the time to refresh. Since there is less pressure at work due to stress and anxiety, the positive balance makes it easier for them to perform their tasks at the office. There’s a renewed eagerness and enthusiasm to face work head-on and so they are more productive and more efficient.


Established by WorldatWork’s Alliance for Work-Life Progress in 2003, National Work and Family Month is an annual designation month observed in October. During this month, businesses across the U.S. are asked to promote healthier, more flexible work environments. In today’s modern demanding life, living a healthy work-life balance is important for our physical, mental, and emotional health. The goal is to remind employers about the importance of this subject, as well as about the business benefits of supporting work-life effectiveness programs. Researches show, that in businesses that invest in their employees’ wellbeing, the productivity is much higher than in businesses that don’t.

For these reasons, we prepared for you 5 important tips getting started on making the days at your company as productive as possible and to promote a healthy work-life balance environment. Take these tips and implement them in your business or workplace, with your employees or colleagues. Are you a business owner or employer? Add National Work and Family Month to your agenda this October. Your employees will Thank you.

5 Tips to Increase Work-Productivity and Work-Life Balance

(1) Brainstorm: Good ideas always come up when you get different people in one room to think and bring up ideas. This is a good strategy to solve almost any kind of challenge – to involve as many employees from different departments as possible since it’s easier for them to see, or sometimes create, a bigger picture. The bigger the variety – the better.

(2) More education, More inspiration: Dedicate each week to educational meetings or activities about new and different subjects, to let the employees get out of their regular daily routine, stimulate their thought process and think outside the box. It could even be physical activities in or outside of the office, a visit to the offices of a competing business, a lecture about personal growth, financial education, volunteerism, physical and mental wellness, and stress reduction. This in turn will give the employees a definite boost to their productivity and quality of work.

(3) Simply ask: Get together a committee of employees and have dedicated meetings to find creative ways to promote work-life balance. The employees know the core problematic issues at hand, and many times even have different solutions for them but just never has the right platform to bring them up. Also, asking people for their opinions makes them feel important and lets them know they matter.

(4) Shorter days/ work-week: Consider moving to a 4-day workweek, or giving employees a day of choice that they leave early. Microsoft Japan published in 2019 that the 4-day workweek model boosted Workers’ Productivity By 40%. And hey, If it works for Microsoft Japan, it could work for you too! Even a day for an early-leave is very efficient because the employees feel appreciated and motivated, and they also learn to utilize their time better and get more done in a shorter period of time.

(5) Sleep improvement programs: The availability of digital health technology allows people to solve, or at least significantly reduce sleep deficiencies, from the comfort of their own home, leading to greater workplace productivity and quality of life. Sleeprate offers a proven, scalable, digital sleep solution for enterprises. The program uses AI technology and is built on 4 steps that improve the sleep and well-being of employees, and increases their productivity.

How Can We Help You Sleep?

Sleeprate is all about sleep improvement and productivity. Because at Sleeprate, we know that we can use technology to undo the damages caused to our natural sleep cycle. To validate the above statement, the insurance company Aetna initiated a randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of a mobile CBTI solution on sleep quality, workplace productivity, and quality of life in a commercial business population. The results showed that the availability of digital health technology allows people to solve, or at least significantly reduce, sleep deficiencies in the comfort of their own home, leading to greater workplace productivity and quality of life.

Sleeprate offers a sleep solution in the form of an app that works with or without a connected wearable, providing professional-grade features that help you gain insights about your sleep, control your sleep habits, improve your sleep quality, and feel better during the day.
Based on CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) state-of-the-art practices, the first-line recommended treatment for insomnia and other sleep deficiencies, Sleeprate is the most comprehensive digital sleep improvement program available today.