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Thank you for Sharing Your Stories

At Sleeprate, we strive to give you the best resources and tips to improve your Sleep-Life Balance. We want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals because you are living proof that sleep is an essential part of your overall health and fitness. Your stories give us great insights into how your productivity, health, and fitness have been improved by getting better sleep.

And we want to thank all our customers for sharing their journeys and stories with us about how they achieve their goals. So we asked some of our long-time customers about what changes they have seen just from improving their sleeping habits.

Increased Productivity and Energy

When we asked our users about what changes they saw in their day-to-day lives once they started getting quality sleep, one of the most common statements we heard was increased energy and productivity.

One user, Ailene Azzam, told us, “I can feel the difference when I haven’t slept well and when I have. I have more energy to go out after work whereas before I would just crash. My life has become more productive because I sleep better. It gives me more time in the day.”

Pat McClintock now functions at a much higher level, saying, “I have really dedicated myself and made the commitment to improve my sleep, and now I am healthier, happier, brighter and more alert.”

Calvin N. added that he’s more productive during the day and less stressed about what he has to accomplish, saying,My energy levels are up from being on a regular schedule. I am more productive during the day and can now wind down at night when I need to.”


One unexpected benefit of better sleep for a lot of people was weight-loss. Many found that with better sleep, there were less cravings for food at night, leading to healthier eating habits in addition to all the benefits sleep provides the body.

“Sleep is one of the three pillars to a healthy life with the others being nutrition and exercise. When one of those things goes awry I don’t know how to function,” says Jennifer Maah. “When I slept well I never craved sweets, but when my sleep was a trainwreck, I was eating sweets. Now that craving is gone.”

Robin Burns saw dramatic changes in her cravings once she started sleeping better, saying, “I used to crave sweets, chocolates, a glass of wine in the evening, and I know that was making me gain weight. Since I’ve been on the program, my cravings have simply stopped. I tell everybody I know this is the most effective and easiest weight-loss program ever.”

Improved Fitness and Physical Activity

During sleep, the body rejuvenates and heals, leading to better fitness performance and energy the next day. Many reported seeing their energy levels rise and increased their physical activity to lead more active, healthy lives. As one user, Cory Williams, notes, “A good sleep life balance is a reboot so your whole system – your brain, your muscles – are ready for the next day.”

Pat McClintock saw a drastic improvement in her fitness levels, saying, “What I have learned is how critical a good night sleep is to my body’s healing processes. Now I am walking again, biking, doing yoga 2 – 3 times a week, and just generally working out more. I am excited because I have this energy and I wake up feeling rested and more positive.”

Ailene Azzam adds that, “My activity levels have improved so I do more. My husband and I now hike and bike – we’ve just become more active. I am sure it’s because I’ve slept. Before, I didn’t want to do those things.”

Better sleep leads to better health and fitness levels overall. Have you noticed any health changes in your life once your sleep improved?

Image courtesy of Jon Ashcroft