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Select the sleep treatment solution that's right for you.

SleepRate plus sleep-tracking-only device

  • This sensor is placed under your mattress and measures your heart rate and movement.

  • The power adapter connects to a power outlet. No batteries are needed.

Get SleepRate with Contact Free Sensor

SleepRate plus activity-&-sleep-tracking device

  • This sensor is comfortably worn across your chest and it's powered by a replaceable battery.

  • Works with popular fitness apps and gym equipment.

Get SleepRate with Polar H7 Sensor

I already have a device


Select this option if you already own a compatible BLE heart rate sensor such as:

  • Polar H7

  • 60beat BLUE Heart Rate Sensor

  • Armour 39 by Under Armour

  • Cardiosport Bluetooth Smart

  • Zephyr HxM

Get SleepRate with your own sensor

frequently asked questions

I do not live in the U.S. Which product should I purchase?

For people who live outside of the U.S, we recommend buying the Sleep-Life Balance Program without a sensor for $89.99. You can use the app with any compatible BLE Heart Rate or Movement sensor such as the Polar H10, Apple Watch and others.

What if I already have a heart rate or movement sensor?

If you already have a Bluetooth enabled heart rate or Movement sensor, you can buy the Sleep-Life Balance Program without a sensor for $89.99. With this option, you can download the SleepRate app, and start using SleepRate right away.