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Sleeprate Names The Top Public Enemies of Sleep

In identifying the top enemies of sleep, perhaps a more appropriate term would be “frenemies,” because in fact some of the biggest disruptors are things we normally consider positive. Technology, social life, family, entertainment — all enrich our lives immeasurably, but can wreak havoc on our sleep patterns.

Consider for example how difficult it was to operate effectively past sundown prior to the light bulb. Candle, gas lamps, wood fires — none provided illumination comparable to sunlight. Consequently, people were much less tempted to stay up late. Fast forward to 2014, where it’s just as easy to operate at midnight as at noon, and it’s no surprise people are having trouble settling down.

Furthermore, technologies such as TV, and (perhaps even more infamously) mobile devices keep our brains hyper-stimulated until the very moment we hit the sack. Unfortunately, by that time our thoughts are churning much too feverishly to fall asleep. Modernity has virtually erased the natural sleep “buffer zone,” or time to unwind and bring our bodies and brains to a sleep-ready state, that we used to enjoy. While technology certainly offers a net improvement for our lives, it nevertheless needs to be put in its place. We have to manage it and re-create this sleep buffer zone that once upon a time naturally existed.

The following infographic highlights some of the findings of Sleeprate’s survey of 7200 people, which found that nearly one out of four Americans has some kind of sleep problem — not too surprising, considering all the fun stuff that competes with our sleep! Nor is it shocking that only 2 percent of those with sleep problems are getting treated, when you consider that current solutions on the market are either inadequate, or too expensive or inconvenient to be practical. As poor sleep can lead to serious ailments, lack of treatment for such a widespread problem has serious implications. That’s why Sleeprate is dedicated to placing both assessment and treatment of sleep problems within the reach of everyone.

We hope you’ll enjoy this fun and informative infographic. Let us know when you’re ready to sleep — and live — better.