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Sleeping through Travel

The three-day weekend is here! Any long-weekend plans?

Ask anyone, and you’re likely to get one of the two most common responses:

“Yes, I’m going out of town!”

“No, I’m catching up on sleep!”

But for those who plan on doing both, catching up on sleep may be difficult to keep in the equation.

The reality is, while long weekends give many of us some extra time out of the office and away from our professional obligations to focus on obligations of a more personal nature—even the fun ones like early summer travel—they’re obligations nonetheless. And the more obligations we put on ourselves, the less z’s we’re sure to get. Early morning flights, late night clubbing… These are the activities that shrink that one space in our day that should be reserved for one thing and one thing only: sleep.

Because a lack of sleep can negate any of the benefits you would otherwise expect from allowing yourself to relax. It might even take much of the enjoyment out of your summer plans or those around you. Let’s face it: how good of a time can anyone really have when they’re sharing space with a grumpy traveler?

So, make those dreaming hours a priority. Board that flight with a small pillow on your arm to remind you to forgo the movie in favor of some mile-high slumber. Consider moving restaurant reservations to an earlier time. Decide on a bedtime that ensures you’re able to wake up refreshed and eager to enjoy everything the new day has to offer—and stick to it!

At the very least, it’ll prevent you from having to cringe at all the post-weekend photos of you looking like the sleep-deprived zombie you were. And come Tuesday, you’ll be able to tackle the work week with renewed vigor while everyone else struggles to recover.

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