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  • Sleep Monitoring

    $999Per year

    Learn About Your Sleep

    Track your sleep and get
    access to all sleep
    statistics & features.

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  • Sleep Assessment

    $3499Per year

    Check Your Sleep

    Get a professional
    sleep assessment from
    the comfort of your
    own bed.

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  • Sleep Improvement

    $8999Per year

    Fix Your Sleep

    A personalized improvement program.

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For an enterprise solution or multiple orders please contact us.

For basic sleep monitoring download Sleeprate from Google Play or App Store.

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Feature Comparison

Feature ListSleep Monitoring1 YearSleep Assessment1 YearSleep Improvement1 Year
Daily Sleep DataChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Weekly Sleep DataChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Smart Alarm
Tooltip icon
Wake up at the optimal time between sleep cycles to start your day refreshed and alert.
Checked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Noise & Snoring DetectionChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Relaxation Biofeedback (Android only)
Tooltip icon
A breathing exercise which will help you relax and fall asleep faster.
Checked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Connectivity to Heart Rate Tracking DeviceChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Works with Android Wear / Apple WatchChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Apple Health IntegrationChecked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Data Export (CSV)
Tooltip icon
Export your sleep data in CSV format.
Checked iconChecked iconChecked icon
Professional Sleep DiagnosisChecked iconChecked icon
Comprehensive Assessment Report
Tooltip icon
A detailed report of your sleep and existing sleep problems, if any, along with a personalized recommendation for next steps.
Checked iconChecked icon
Sleep Education VideosChecked iconChecked icon
Personalized Sleep ImprovementChecked icon
Mindfulness Exercises
Tooltip icon
Exercises to help you unwind and to let go of worry before sleep.
Checked icon
Personal RemindersChecked icon
Weekly Progress ReportsChecked icon
Choose PlanChoose PlanChoose Plan
Sleep Monitoring

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What Our Customers Say

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    I can feel the difference when I haven’t slept well and when I have. My overall well-being has improved. I have more energy to go out after work whereas before I would just crash.

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    Ailene A.
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    This is the one thing that actually works. I tell everybody I know this is the best program ever.

    Quote icon
    Dmitry Stupakov
  • Quote icon

    I have really dedicated myself and made the commitment to improve my sleep. I am now healthier, happier, brighter and more alert. I function at a much higher level.

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    Pat M.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a heart rate tracking device?
    SleepRate’s heart rate analysis provides valuable information regarding sleep structure and nighttime stress. However, you may benefit from using SleepRate even without a heart rate monitor.
  • Which tracking devices are compatible?
    SleepRate's app is compatible with a wide range of heart rate and movement tracking devices. Some of the most popular devices compatible with SleepRate are:
    • Apple Watch
    • Fitbit
    • Android Wear Watches
    • Garmin Wearables (currently for Android only)
    • Polar H10 and H7
    • Suunto Smart Sensor
    • CardioSport HRM
    • Wahoo TICKR (except TICKR X)
    • Under Armour HRM
    • Hexoskin Smart Shirts
  • What phones/mobile devices does SleepRate work with?
    SleepRate supports Apple devices running iOS 8 and above, including iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation and newer models. SleepRate also works with Android smartphones running Android version 4.4 or higher.
  • Does SleepRate provide sleep stages?
    Yes, when used with a compatible heart rate tracking device SleepRate provides a thorough analysis of your sleep, including all sleep stages.
  • Does SleepRate treat sleep apnea?
    SleepRate is not a medical device, it does not diagnose or treat medical conditions such as sleep apnea.
  • How long does the sleep therapy last?
    The sleep therapy provides sleep improvement in about 4-6 weeks. The plans are personalized, they may last more or less depending on your own needs and pace, and usually last until you achieve better sleep.
  • What is the return policy?
    SleepRate has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know and we will issue a full refund. We just ask that you return any device you purchased. Providing us the reason for your return helps us improve our service.
  • What type of payment methods can I use?
    You can pay with all major credit cards as well as PayPal. The checkout process is fast, secure and discreet.

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