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Poor and insufficient sleep has reached epidemic levels.

How much is it costing you?


per worker

$63 B

for the workforce*

Better sleep can provide better health, lower heart disease and obesity, decrease mood instability, while increasing productivity and performance.
* Kessler, R. C. (2011), Insomnia Costing U.S. Workforce $63.2 Billion a Year, Researchers Estimate. SLEEP

Sleeprate delivers results

women with sleep deprivation

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep and sleep better

sleep disorders and fitness

Improved athletic performance

sleep monitoring

Improved productivity in the workplace

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Device Manufacturers
Add sleep improvement functionality
Embed Sleeprate’s sleep improvement program into your device to increase value and usefulness for your customers. Differentiate your wearables from others in the market.
Add sleep improvement functionality relevant for hundreds of millions of people around the world.
Insurance Companies
Reduce cost of health care utilization
sleep saves $2,800 of healthcare utilization by poor sleepers**, on average, per person, a year. Sleeprate is HIPAA compliant.
Professional Service Providers
Offer value-adding services
Use Sleeprate’s digital solutions and in-depth sleep data to offer new or additional value-adding services to attract new clients and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.
Improve your employees' wellness
Increase employee loyalty and productivity by offering Sleeprate in your health and wellness program.
Sports Teams
Become a champion by harnessing the power of sleep
Sleeprate’s valuable data and insights help athletes train better. Sleeprate is used by elite athletics teams across the globe.
The New York Times
Collecting Data on a Good Night’s Sleep
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