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Why SleepRate?


Sleep affects every aspect of our life: fitness, weight management, productivity, appearance, and more. Thousands have already downloaded SleepRate, and it’s relevant for many millions more around the world.


FDA-accepted, patented algorithms combined with exclusively licensed sleep protocols developed at Stanford University speak for themselves. SleepRate is even used by the U.S. Olympic Team.


SleepRate is the most comprehensive sleep treatment solution available today. Built on decades of sleep research & therapy together with years of accumulated sleep-related data, SleepRate brings real value to its users.


Proprietary software, algorithms, and protocols combined with latest wearable devices provide a truly innovative & technically sophisticated sleep treatment solution to improve people’s lives from the comfort of their own home.

Who do we partner with?


Embed SleepRate’s sleep treatment solution into your device to increase value and usefulness for your customers, and add lifestyle-improvement functionality relevant for hundreds of millions around the world.

Service Providers

Use SleepRate’s automated sleep treatment software and in-depth sleep data to offer new or additional value-adding services to attract new clients and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.


Improve employee loyalty and productivity by offering SleepRate in your health and wellness program. SleepRate can also help HMOs and insurance companies reduce medical care costs by helping their members perform and live better.

Resellers &

Join the rapidly-growing multi-billion-dollar mobile-health, lifestyle, and wearables markets. Individuals, clinics, pharmacies, spas, and others with access to the consumer and health markets can benefit by re-selling SleepRate’s innovative solution.