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SleepRate’s mission is to improve people’s lives through better sleep. To realize this vision, we aim to develop and bring to market the most effective, reliable, and user-friendly sleep monitoring, assessment, and therapy solution – in a single package.

So we not only constantly strive to improve our proprietary device-agnostic software, we also look to partner with other companies, organizations, and institutions that share our vision and want to be part of making this a reality.

  • Developers of Wearable/Mobile Devices and Heart Rate Trackers – we are looking to partner with companies developing the most accurate heart rate tracking devices available, whether chest bands, wrist bands, watches, clothing, bedside devices, or devices placed on or under the mattress. We’re open to discussing white-labeling, licensing, joint marketing, and just about any other option that works for all involved.
  • Professional Service Providers – gym instructors, dietitians, physiotherapists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, beauticians, spa operators, HR professionals, life and career coaches, etc.
  • Affiliates / Resellers / Distributors – Obamacare-certified channels including pharmacies and clinics, as well as entities with access to the consumer health market.
  • Corporate Wellness / HR departments who want to improve the lives of their employees.
  • Health Insurance Companies / HMO’s – who want to reduce medical care costs and help their members perform better and live better.
  • Online Communities in the fields of health, fitness, beauty, and almost anything else where the community members can benefit by sleeping better. Even groups dedicated to drinking lots of coffee can benefit from SleepRate!