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Sleep Awareness Month: Myths about Sleep

March is Sleep Awareness Month. Did you know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently called sleep deprivation a public health epidemic? Ever wonder if you’re doing everything you can to get a good night’s rest? Are you concerned about the effects poor sleep patterns can have on sleep?

Join us on Tuesday, March 10 at 11 a.m. Pacific for a Twitter Chat on sleep featuring our very own Dr. Britney Blair, Psy. D. and moderated by’s Healthy Lifestyle expert Andrea Metcalf.

Anyone wishing to participate in the discussion can do so by following @SleepRate and using the #SleepMyths hashtag.

Dr. Blair will be giving away three Sleep Improvement Kits. To qualify, Twitter Chat participants must:

  1. RSVP on Eventbrite
  2. Follow @SleepRate
  3. Participate on March 10 at 11am PT using

On top of providing general information about the health benefits of sleep and how anyone can get to the bottom of any sleep deprivation issues, Dr. Blair will be tackling the top ten myths related to sleep. Check out the full list of myths below, or watch Dr. Blair debunk these myths in her latest video.

Myth #1: Everyone needs eight hours of sleep per night

(Fact: Everyone has different needs, and often it comes down to genetics.)

Myth #2: If you don’t remember your dreams, you aren’t dreaming

(Fact: Some people are more prone to recalling their dreams than others.)

Myth #3: Getting up early will increase your productivity

(Fact: Many people work better later in the day and even at night.)

Myth #4: You can catch up on lost sleep

(Fact: Numerous studies have shown that you can not “catch up” on lost sleep.)

Myth #5: Successful people don’t sleep very much

(Fact: The sleep patterns of many famously successful people fall in the 7-8 hour range.)

Myth #6: A nightcap before bed will help with sleep

(Fact: Alcohol suppresses the REM stage, resulting in less and poorer quality sleep.)

Myth #7: Warm milk before bed will help you fall asleep

(Fact: There is no evidence to support warm milk as a sleep aid.)

Myth #8: There is no such thing as beauty sleep

(Fact: Several studies show people do look better after a good night’s rest.)

Myth #9: People who have trouble falling asleep should go to bed earlier

(Fact: Chasing sleep is one of the leading causes of ongoing insomnia.)

Myth #10: Older people require less sleep

(Fact: It’s not that older people require less sleep. Their bodies simply won’t let them have it.)

Don’t forget: March 10 at 11 a.m. on Twitter. Hope to see you there!