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How sleep can boost your salary

Looking to get that next promotion? Need a salary boost? Believe it or not − sleep can help you do this! A good night’s sleep can increase your productivity and help you earn more!

Here’s why you should make sleep a top priority for your career:  

  1. Sleep can increase your salary

Research shows that more sleep can lead to us earning more money. A US study has found that in areas where the sun sets earlier, people sleep for longer – and earn more. An extra one hour of sleep a week in the long-term increased wages by 4.9%!

  1. Sleep improves your productivity

Studies have found that if you sleep better, you’ll concentrate more, make less mistakes and learn more easily, meaning you’ll be more efficient and able to do more things!  Wowing your boss with your performance may in turn encourage them to give you more responsibility, helping support your request for that future raise!

  1. Sleep improves your health

Recent research has found that getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night reduces absenteeism from work due to illness. With more sleep, you are more likely to take less sick time at work, which is a great advantage if you want to get ahead in your career!

  1. Sleep improves your creativity

As you sleep, your brain works to process your memories. This can generate insightful behaviour and flexible reasoning, sparking creativity! When you next come up against a work problem, remember a good night’s rest might just be the solution for you to impress your boss!

  1. Sleep lowers your stress

According to the American Psychological Association “Adults who sleep fewer than eight hours a night report higher stress levels than those who sleep at least eight hours a night.” If you want to be less stressed at work, take the time to sleep well!

  1. Sleep strengthens your working relationships

Recent research demonstrated that lack of sleep could cause arguments in the workplace!  A good night’s sleep helps us control our “impulses”, meaning we are more likely to get along with our colleagues – even in times of conflict!

Sleep your way to the top

It seems obvious that if sleep improves your productivity, creativity and social interactions, and helps you better manage stress – your bosses will start to take note! This could increase your chances of being considered for that next salary increase or promotion!

So, the next time you think you have to go without sleep to meet that deadline – think twice.  A well-rested you is a better and wealthier you!

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