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How it Works

Use Sleeprate to track your sleep patterns for several nights with or without a connected wearable, contactless device, or a heart rate tracking device.

Receive a sleep evaluation report to learn about your sleep cycles and sleep quality, and get your personalized sleep-improvement program with weekly challenges. The program is based on clinically validated methods developed by experts.

With the personalized program and in-app weekly challenges, Sleeprate helps you retrain your habits and sustain your behavior change with a variety of relaxation, mindfulness and sleep-education tools.
Use the digital dream diary, watch your nightly sleep data, and track your progress as you improve your nights and days.

Restore your natural sleep life balance
If sleep is an issue for you, you’re not alone. Over 50% of the global population suffer from sleep deprivation or poor sleep. Sleeprate offers wellness for the night, for better days ahead.

Fall asleep faster

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Sleep through the night

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Wake up refreshed

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Improve mood & relationships

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Improve health

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Improve performance

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Sleeprate: Your personal sleep-solution app

Sleeprate is a sleep monitoring app with a sleep-improvement solution that works with or without a connected wearable or tracking device. The app helps you gain deep insights about your sleep cycles structure, control your sleep habits, and improve your sleep quality, to feel better during your days.

Based on CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) the first-line treatment for insomnia and other sleep deficiencies, Sleeprate is the most comprehensive digital sleep improvement program available today.

After the app’s smart AI algorithm learns your sleep patters, it provides a personalized program to improve your sleep, guiding you step-by-step with weekly challenges, motivational notifications and supporting tools like relaxation, mindfulness and education.

This complete package of sleep tracking, assessment and CBT-i coaching uses patented innovative technology that is based on the relationship between heart beats and the brain’s controlling mechanisms.

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Want to connect Sleeprate to a wearable or tracking device?

Sleeprate doesn’t require a wearable or contactless device, you don’t need to place your phone under your pillow or even near your bed. However, using a wearable or contactless device is an option. It adds layers of objective sleep data, and can be fun! Choose what works for you. Popular tracking devices which are compatible with Sleeprate are: Apple watch, Garmin, Polar H7 chest belt, Wahoo TICKR, CardioSport Bluetooth Smart, Suunto Smart Sensor and many more.
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