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Sleep Well, Live better.

SleepRate is a revolutionary sleep monitoring app, that combines reliable and accurate sleep tracking, evaluation & individually tailored e-coaching, all into a single user-friendly mobile application. Start tracking your sleep, find your perfect bedtime, and make sure you’re getting the sleep you need.


How It Works


Track Your Sleep

Monitor your sleep patterns for several nights using almost any Bluetooth-enabled wearable or contactless device - with or without heart rate capabilities.

Track your sleep
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Track your sleep

Get the Full Checkup

Receive a personalized sleep evaluation report to find out exactly how long and how well you slept, the detailed structure of your sleep, and sleep issues you may not have even been aware of.

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Get the checkup
Fix your sleep

Fix Your Sleep!

Simply follow your custom-made sleep improvement strategy, while continuing to track your nights. This way, you will get weekly reports regarding your improvement and new amended instructions to follow, until you reach your optimal nightly sleep. This sleep improvement plan is based on state-of-the art clinically validated sleep therapy methods and was developed with experts from Stanford University.

Fix your sleep
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Key Benefits

Scientifically Proven

Exclusive license from Stanford University for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) content.

At-Home Self Tracking

The app does not require any special training or qualifications on your side. Just your commitment to get better sleep.

Device Agnostic

There is no need for expensive proprietary devices. SleepRate app works with a wide range of wearable & contactless devices, to meet the preference of the users. Click here for an extensive list of supported devices.

Intuitive Interface

SleepRate monitoring app is intuitive and friendly, easy to understand, and provides comprehensive sleep information and coaching.

Makes Life Better

By helping you fall asleep faster, sleeping sound, and waking up refreshed & energized.

About SleepRate

SleepRate is a sleep monitoring app that can be used with or without a commercially available heart rate monitor. It monitors and analyzes your sleep to reveal exactly how long and how well you slept, gaining deep insight into the detailed structure of your sleep cycles and making you aware of sleep issues, you may not have even been aware of.

The app then provides a custom-tailored therapy program to improve your sleep, walking you step-by-step through your personalized sleep improvement plan. To help you stick with the plan, it even sends timely notifications! This complete package of sleep monitoring, assessment and therapy uses patented and clinically validated technology that is based on the relationship between the heart beats and the brains’ controlling mechanisms.

Sleep Monitoring App only

SleepRate monitoring app works on iOS and Android smartphones. When you use the app only, it asks you few simple questions before you go to sleep, and while you sleep – it records noises during the night, such as snoring, environmental noises, etc. The next morning you can see how long you slept, how well and what noises occurred during the night that might have interfered with your sleep.

Monitoring App + Tracking Device

To achieve the maximum benefit of using SleepRate monitor, the app is used in combination with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device that enables heart rate tracking. This combination gives much more detailed information and insight into your sleep, as you can see in this table:

Compatible Tracking Devices

SleepRate app works with a variety of off-the-shelf Bluetooth heart rate tracking devices. You can choose your preferred device, whether wearable or contact free. Popular tracking devices which are compatible with SleepRate are: the Polar H7 chest belt, Wahoo TICKR, CardioSport Bluetooth Smart, Suunto Smart Sensor and many more.

If you are unsure if your heart rate tracking device is compatible with SleepRate app, feel free to contact us.

Don’t have a heart rate tracking device? Don’t worry, you can purchase one right here: