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Hate Everyone at the Office? Go to Sleep

There are those days when you go to work, you look around and you think “please, can no one speak to me today?” or in the more extreme situations- “why do I work here? Everyone is awful!”. Well, though you might be right, it could also be that you just need to get some sleep to regain your positive, lively attitude you normally have!

It has been established through different studies that sleep and mood are highly correlated. When people lack sleep, they tend to feel more irritable, angry and even hostile towards their environment (no, that lady didn’t look at you funny, she was just scared of you). In fact, sleep loss has also been known to be a cause of depression. Not getting enough sleep causes people to respond extremely negatively when they are faced with obstacles, and a difficulty controlling anger!

The natural example for the people who are affected by lack of sleep are medical inters and residents, who work insane hours at he hospital and suffer from a chronic sleep deprivation. Ever wondered why your doctor was rude to you? Try not sleeping for 30 hours. But, since lack of sleep is a growing phenomenon considering today’s work environment, this issue concerns a large portion of the work market. In fact, over 50% of employees in the United States have reported experiencing poor or insufficient sleep. Maybe that’s why none of us are nice to each other?

Research shows that people who are sleep deprived feel less friendly and empathic. So, next time you have a minor breakdown at your office’s bathroom, try to think back to how many hours of sleep you got in the past week or so. Probably not much. Try to get some sleep, and then rethink the idea of resigning once your brain is stable and able to make rational choices.