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Getting fit
begins with a healthy
sleep-life balance.

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Getting fit
begins with a healthy
sleep-life balance.

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Did you know that healthy sleep...

Improves aerobic endurance

Boosts muscle recovery

Decreases fatigue & enhances performance

Improves speed & accuracy

Sleep is extremely important to me - I need to rest and recover
in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body.

Usain Bolt, 6 Times Olympic Champion

How SleepRate can help you reach your fitness goals

As SleepRate synchronizes your biological clock, it shortens the time it takes you to fall asleep, reduces the number of times you awake during the night, and helps you sleep the optimum amount of time to meet your body’s needs. You are likely to notice fitness related benefits, such as:

  • Higher energy levels to help you hit the gym more
  • Better acuity, potentially improving your scores (e.g. Golf)
  • Quicker muscle building
  • Better endurance while exercising

As SleepRate helps you work on habits to improve your sleep, you’ll notice many of the habits that support healthy sleep also support better fitness including:

  • Aerobic exercise in the morning or afternoon
  • Healthy eating focused on a variety of whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy protein sources, and whole grains
  • Stress management and mindfulness meditation methods

What people are saying about us

"Now I am walking again, biking, doing yoga 2-3 times a week, and working out more. I want to do these things where as before I felt like I had to do them. I am excited because I have more energy, wake up feeling rested and more positive. I have found a second life with SleepRate."

Pat M.

SleepRate Customer

"Healthy sleep plays a vital role in helping the body recover and boosting performance. With my clients, I’ve consistently seen that improving sleep leads to increased motivation to engage in exercise and to better mental and physical health."

Dr. Wendy Troxel

Clinical Psychologist

"My activity levels have improved so I do more. My wife and I now hike, we bike, and we’ve become more active. I am sure it’s because I’ve slept. Because before, I didn’t want to do those things."

Andrew Miller

SleepRate Customer