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Partial Sleep Studies

A partial sleep study is a limited version of a whole-night polysomnography (PSG), the gold standard for clinical sleep evaluation. The differences in the subset are:

  • It has relatively few monitoring channels; and those are devoted to respiratory functions.
  • It can be done outside of a sleep lab (in other words, at home).


The focus on respiratory functions makes it ideal for diagnosing sleep-related breathing disorders.

It’s also a less expensive diagnostic procedure and the data it generates is much easier to score than data produced by a whole-night PSG. A trend towards greater use of partial sleep studies is underway, though it cannot always replace a full PSG, especially if sleep problems are more complex or not caused only by respiratory disorders.

In the future, technologies that measure sleep directly will enable other kinds of partial sleep studies. For example, measurements of heart rate fluctuations with portable equipment provide a window into the sleeping brain. Such a technology could supplement others to provide a more comprehensive analysis of sleep outside a lab environment.

How Will SleepRate Help You?

Use SleepRate for a few days to identify sleep-wake patterns and to measure sleep duration, efficiency and structure. If those measurements suggest a condition that warrants further investigation, you’ll be prompted to consult a physician for an in-depth sleep evaluation.

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