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We’re working on big problems – the kind of challenges that will help you build new skills, accelerate your career and enable you to work on something that makes a difference in people’s lives. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible and are looking for new team members to accelerate our product’s development and growth. We have a small team of leading engineers, scientists, doctors and specialists in their field which means you will have big responsibilities that have a direct impact on the product and ultimately the company’s success.

You’ll find a place that’s challenging, hands-on, transparent, and led with real passion.
We work at SleepRate because we get to solve hard problems and work with a diverse group of people. There is no better reason to come to work in the morning when you know you are solving problems that affect people’s lives in such a significant way.

We offer a very competitive compensation package and benefits to all team members. Join us at SleepRate and help build something that matters.

We currently have positions in: