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The Rise of Big Data, and What it Means for Our Sleep

We hear it all the time: people who don’t sleep well suffer from fatigue and a lack of productivity and performance. But what many don’t know is that sleep sufferers are also at risk for obesity and a variety of chronic diseases – including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Sleep deprivation can also leave your brain tired and drained – leading to depression, a weakened immune system and hormone imbalances, among other health-related problems. The long-term effects of sleep deprivation are all too real…putting both your mental capabilities and physical health at risk.

Recent advances in big data, however, are now giving us more hope – with the ability to track how and why sleep deprivation has such a serious effect on us. Microsoft, for example, recently conducted a study that provided some astonishing results; showing for example that people who got less than six hours of sleep just two nights in a row were sluggish for the next six days. This demonstrated that even the slightest bit of sleep deprivation can have a major effect on our daily lives.

The Impact of Wearables on Sleep Tracking 

There is one place today that may hold the key to learning more about how we can improve our sleep and lead healthier and more productive lives: wearables. Wearables track not only our fitness but our sleep cycles as well. What’s different from previous years of research is that these devices literally hold mountains of data that can help us get a much clearer picture of how our sleep affects our daily routines and productivity.

FitBit, for example, has nearly 10 million active users and as such has been able to gather more data in one year than the extensive sleep data accumulated since the emergence of modern sleep medicine/science at the beginning of the previous century. The company recently tracked over 6 billion nights of sleep, and found – among other things – that women and men sleep very differently, and that when our bedtimes are inconsistent from day to day, our sleep is tremendously disturbed as a result.

The Next Generation of Sleep Tracking

The new SleepX app tracks your nights and evaluates your sleep structure, duration and quality – and allows you to evaluate the alertness energy generated and its decline throughout the day. At each and every moment during the day, you get to know your energy level, understand the hazards of fatigue, and can act accordingly when you need a temporary boost or need to end the day and recharge for the next one.

SleepX tracks your sleep and assesses your energy level throughout the day – straight from your Apple Watch! With SleepX, you can track your energy level and optimize your performance anytime, and re-energize when and how you need it.

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