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At Sleeprate, our main focus is helping people reclaim their good sleep, and we use a variety of tools such as a smart coaching algorithm provided through the apps to help achieve this mission.
Our Core App – Sleeprate
Sleeprate is a trusted sleep companion app, that combines evaluation & individually tailored e-coaching with reliable and accurate sleep tracking- all into a single user-friendly mobile application.
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Achieve the healthy sleep you are yearning for

Sleeprate includes a validated mobile sleep tracker and companion that combines sleep cycle monitoring, analysis and CBTi coaching with a plan to achieve your desired sleep-life balance.

Sleeprate invites you to monitor your sleep patterns for several nights using almost any compatible wearables or contactless devices - with or without heart rate capabilities, such as: Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit and more- and get insights on your sleep patterns and sleep quality.
Simply download the app and get started on your path to happier days and better nights.

The first complete sleep solution in the market
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for Athletes
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Restore your natural sleep life balance
If sleep is an issue for you, you’re not alone.
Over 50% of the global population suffer from sleep deprivation or poor sleep.
The Sleeprate app brings wellness to the nights, for better days ahead.

Fall asleep faster

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Sleep through the night

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Wake up refreshed

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Improve mood & relationships

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Improve health

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Improve performance

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Our Additional Apps
sleep x monitoring app
The sleep cycle and sleep monitoring app specifically designed for Apple Watch users to help you track your sleep patterns, gain a better understanding of your sleep, and ultimately take your energy to the next level.
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wakemode sleep monitoring
WakeMode is a energy optimization tool that shows your energy levels during the day, using advanced sleep data analysis technology. WakeMode provides users with a quantified evaluation of their wakefulness based on the amount and quality of sleep from the night before, along with other personalized parameters.
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sleep checkup
Sleep Check-up
Sleep Check-up provides a professional-level sleep assessment solution from the comfort of your own home, helping you find out if you're having problems with your sleep. After seven nights of monitoring your sleep, you'll receive a detailed sleep report presented in an easy-to-understand format.
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