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SleepRate is the only all-in-one health app
for sleep monitoring, assessment & therapy

SleepRate is helping you:

SleepRate helps you:

  • Fall asleep faster

  • Reduce awakenings
    during the night

  • Get more sleep,
    if needed

  • Wake up refreshed
    and more energized

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How does SleepRate work?

SleepRate is a sleep monitoring app that works in combination with almost any Bluetooth enabled heart rate tracking device to monitor, diagnose, and treat your sleep disorders and sleep deficits.

  • 1: Sleep Monitoring

    Monitor your sleep
    patterns for several

  • 2: Sleep Assessment

    Receive a
    personalized sleep

  • 3: Sleep Therapy

    Simply follow your
    custom-tailored sleep
    therapy plan

What Makes SleepRate Unique?

  • Personalized

    Uses both objective data gathered by the device AND user-inputted subjective data

  • Flexible

    Works with a wide range of sleep monitoring devices so you can select the most comfortable way to take control of your sleep

  • Evidence-based

    The only 3-in-1 solution that monitors, analyzes & recommends therapy based on validated research and professional knowledge

Take Control of Your Sleep

Get Fit

"With healthy sleep, I have more energy and have seen an overall improvement in the gym."

Dmitry Stupakov
Madison, WI

Lose More Weight

"I tell everybody I know this is the most effective & easiest weight-loss program ever."

Robin Burns
Eureka, CA

Get Healthier Skin

"Sleep deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in their skin's ability to recover after sun exposure."

Dr. Elma Baron
Associate Professor of Dermatology, Case Western Reserve university

Boost Productivity

"I feel brighter, more alert and function at a much higher level now thanks to SleepRate."

Andrew Miller
Mission Viejo, CA