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Sleeprate helps you on your path to better sleep: from monitoring, to assessment, to CBTi coaching.

sleep tracker app


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Restore your natural sleep life balance
If sleep is an issue for you, you’re not alone.
Over 50% of the global population suffer from sleep deprivation or poor sleep.
The Sleeprate app brings wellness to the nights, for better days ahead.

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What are your sleep goals?

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Success stories

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With healthy sleep I have more energy and have seen an overall improvement in the gym
Dimitry Stupakov,
Madison W1
United States
I have really dedicated myself and made the commitment to improve my sleep. I am now healthier, happier, brighter and more alert. I function at a much higher level.
Pat M.,
United States
The difference when I haven’t slept well and when I have. My overall well-being has improved. I have more energy to go out after work whereas before I would just crash.
Ailene A.,
United States
I knew I needed to do something different. But Sleeprate wasn't super involved or complicated. The changes were easy to make because they were incremental. I hope I can continue to use it.
Julie G.,
United States
I needed to correct my circadian rhythm and didn't know how - that is what started me on Sleeprate.
Lori, F.
From USA
Sleeprate’s valuable data and insights help me know when I’ve recovered, and enables my coach to give me the right training for that specific day.
Diana, V.
19 years old, from Israel
Professional Athlete
I am delighted with some of the tools this app has to offer, like the dream diary. If anyone would like to log their dreams for any reason, this app gives the ability to do so in a very satisfying and intuitive way.
Derek, S.
28 years old from Pennsylvania, USA
Sleeprate certainly makes me more aware of my sleep through the prompts before bed and after I wake up. This makes my quality of life better.
William, G.
19 years old from Wisconsin, USA
Long track speed skater
At my age, I want to monitor my heart behavior during the night to understand how well I recover and what improvement I make with my training program.
Liwei, M.
55 years old from Canberra, Australia
Loves cycling
Solid app. Paired well with my new Polar H10. My girlfriend loved the snoring evidence in particular!
Sven, W.
36 years old. Currently lives in Abu Dhabi
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Sleep tracker app sleep tracker app

The solution to your sleep is already in your hands

Sleeprate works on any leading wearables including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin
and more.

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