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Stop Insomnia

Sleep better. Live better.

Natural, no pills and no side effects

Treatment licensed from Stanford University

No risk, 30-day money back guarantee

Here is how SleepRate works

Step 1
Track your sleep

The SleepRate Sleep Improvement Kit includes the SleepRate app and a heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is comfortably worn across your chest and wirelessly connects to your iPhone.

By wearing the heart rate sensor while you sleep, SleepRate  is able to accurately assess the quality of your sleep and detect sleep interruptions, sleep depth and environmental noises.

Learn more about sleep tracking

Step 2
We prepare your Sleep Assessment

SleepRate assesses the underlying causes of any sleep issues using patented technology that tracks the brain-heart connection.

If a condition that warrants further investigation is identified, SleepRate prompts you to consult a physician. Otherwise, it provides you with a personalized sleep improvement plan.

Learn more about your sleep assessment

Step 3
You follow your Sleep Improvement Plan

Using proven methods from the Stanford Sleep Clinic, SleepRate guides you through a series of incremental changes to your daily routine. This can include goals such as waking up at the same time each morning, creating a buffer zone before you go to bed to unwind, or regulating your time in bed.

By following the detailed steps in your sleep improvement plan you will significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Learn more about your sleep improvement plan

SleepRate's solution uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI), exclusively licensed from Stanford University.

85% success rate in studies

Used by leading universities and sleep clinics worldwide

Recognized by the National Institute of Health as "first line treatment" for insomnia

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