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July 18. 2014

Productive vs. Perceived Sleep

By Jenny Nielsen 0 Comments

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced it. We fit in a reasonable amount of sleep and still wake up feeling like we haven’t slept at all. So what’s going on? Well, simply put, you’re not getting enough sleep. And even when you think you’re sleeping, you might not be. Confused? Research shows slows…

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July 03. 2014

How Warmer Weather Affects Your Sleep

By Jenny Nielsen 1 Comments

The Washington Post recently covered our latest survey on summer stress, including our finding that hot weather can affect sleep with “80% saying they sleep better in cool weather.” It turns out, this statistic has more to do with science than personal preference. As a Stanford Biology professor told WebMD, “When you go to sleep,…

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June 13. 2014

Summer Travel: Surviving Jet Lag

By Jenny Nielsen 14 Comments

There are plenty of ways summer travel can cut into our much-needed sleep. Many of us miss the comfort of our own beds. Some of us are usually out late and up the very first thing to make the most of the travel experience. But the biggest and most dreaded factor that disrupts our sleep…

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